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About Company

Volgasintez is a vertically integrated oil company primarily engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and the production and sale of petroleum products.

The range of products output comprises to more than eighteen additional activities such as:

- Chemical organic basic substances, except alcohol (manufacture).

- Petroleum products (manufacture).

- Chemical organic basic substances (manufacture).

- Freight.

-Fuel (wholesale).

- Liquid and gaseous fuels, lubricants and industrial oils (trade).

- Chemical intermediates, industrial (trade).

- Motor gasoline, including aviation fuel (wholesale).

- Industrial gases (manufacture).

- Natural and technical science (research and development).

- Cargo, liquid and gaseous (storage and warehousing).

- Oil and products of its processing (storage and warehousing).

- Road freight.

- Vehicles and equipment, other than passenger cars (rental).

- Railway transport (terminals (stations, freight terminals, transshipment)).

- Railway transport and equipment (for rent).

- Chemical waste, construction waste (processing).

- Buildings and Structures (construction).

- Engineering equipment of buildings and structures (montage).

- Buildings and prefabricated buildings (assembly).

- Architecture, engineering (engineering design in industry and construction).