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Volgasintez policy

The mission of the company is the production and sale of competitive petrochemical products and services in accordance with the requirements and expectations of interested parties, the development of existing markets, the achievement of the Company's sustainability, the improvement of the quality of life of employees and the company as a whole. The main corporate priorities and the determinants of its development, Volgasintez sees in Safe working environment, protecting the health of employees, improving environmental and energy efficiency, industrial safety and information security Creating a stable professional team capable of achieving the Company's goals.

To achieve these goals, the management of Volgasintez takes on the following obligations:

  • Adopt and comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation (including labor and pension), employment contract, industrial and corporate standards, regulations, instructions on labor protection, industrial, fire and information security, environmental management, sanitary norms and regulations, Sustainable use of natural resources And energy;
  • Increase the competitiveness of products, services, processes and develop a management system, ensure their integration in the context of national and international standards using best practices;
  • Take all possible legal measures to minimize risks, accidents, occupational injuries, occupational diseases of employees, reduce the negative impact of the Company's activities on the environment, protect information, business reputation and business processes from harm, loss, damage;
  • Strengthen the Company's position in the world market by organizing the production of new products, increasing existing capacities based on innovative energy-saving technologies in accordance with consumers' expectations; Development of mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable partners in the supply of raw materials, energy resources, components based on a risk-based approach;