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Glycol Purification Unit is Put into Operation

The treatment plant was placed in a stream for the purpose of extracting the aldehydes from the highest grade of ethylene glycol. This event took place at the plant MEG-1 of the plant producing ethylene oxide. Pilot tests have shown that the quality of ethylene glycol meets the requirements of manufacturers of synthetic fibers and polyethylene terephthalate.


Energy saving activities were highly estimated

Volgasintez awarded the Grand Prix Diploma and the prize for the development and implementation of a comprehensive energy-saving program following the fair held at the XIV Moscow International Energy Forum "The Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the 21st Century." The diploma was also awarded to the Company's activities on the reconstruction of the plant for the production of linear alpha-olefins of the plant of oligomers aimed at minimizing the specific consumption of resources, raw materials and materials, as well as its activities on the introduction of the electronic turbo-compressor control system at the plant of synthetic rubber


Annual general meeting of shareholders "Volgasintez"

On April 14, 2016, the General Meeting of Shareholders of Volgasintez was held and the results of the Company's activities in 2015 were summed up. The general director of Volgasintez made a report on financial and economic activities. The plan for the production of marketable products was fulfilled by 115%. The production of marketable products in relation to 2014 in comparable prices was 103.1%. In 2015, annual production of rubber exceeded 647,000 tons, this was the maximum amount in the history of the company, polystyrene (about 300,000 tons), as well as isoprene, styrene and benzene.

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