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The biggsest refinery in Europe and Russian Federation

19 August 2015

RBC published its first rating of 500 leaders of Russian business. It follows from the rating that leading positions in the economy are held by oil companies. The revenue generated by the companies included in the list equals to almost 80% of Russia’s GDP.What do Russia’s 500 largest companies represent in aggregate? Their revenue in 2014 was over RUB 56 trillion being the equivalent of almost 77% of Russia’s GDP in the same year. It is certainly not appropriate to make a direct comparison, but it provides a clear understanding of the rating scope: the companies included in RBC 500 rating employ at least 7.5 million people. The Volgasintez Oil Refinery came in 77th. Its revenue at year-end 2014 increased by 79% and totalled RUB 125 bn, while the company’s profit reduced by RUB 34 bn.

By the number of companies presented in the list and the amount of data gathered the project could be characterized as the “most comprehensive rating of Russia’s largest companies”. The rating includes companies of various types of ownership (state-owned, private, joint ventures), various forms of incorporation and even jurisdictions. Numbers in the rating are assigned only to Russian companies. For reference purposes, financial data on the largest subsidiaries of foreign companies are also presented. Most extensively presented in the rating are the following industries: oil and gas production and refining (61 companies), metals and mining (48), finance (43) and retail trade (41), infrastructure construction and transport (37 companies of each category).