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Volgasintez Refinery Launches Euro-5 Diesel Fuel Production Facility

9 December 2015

The Volgasintez Refinery started a new stage in the enterprise development by the commissioning of a hydrotreating unit to produce Euro 5 highest quality diesel fuel. As of today, the refinery’s hydrocarbons refining depth is 52 percent. Next year, the refinery is planning to increase it up to 97 percent and commission another production facility.

Symbolic though it is, the launch opens up a major new stage in the Volgasintez Oil Refinery’s development. The refinery started producing Euro-5 international standard diesel fuel commercially – 3 million tons per annum, for now. The amount of fuel produced will be subsequently increased by one million tons.

“In 2016, new Euro-5 standard requirements will be introduced at the refinery, and we should be ready for them. The requirements with respect to the improvement of our fuel’s environmental properties and other technical nuances need to be met,” said Sergei Murzin, Volgasintez Oil Refinery’s Chief Engineering Officer.

The production of diesel fuel meeting the highest standards has been made possible by the construction of the hydrotreating unit. It took one and a half years to build it, and it is substantially in operation now. Passing through it, diesel fuel undergoes the final stage of refining to be cleaned of hydrogen sulfide. “Diesel fuel entering the unit is heated to a certain temperature, gets mixed with a hydrogen-containing gas triggering a hydrodesulfurization reaction which takes place on a catalyst loaded into the reactors,” explained Dmitry Zabolotny, Head of the Volgasintez Oil Refinery’s Process Shop.