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Volgasintez personnel is the key resource for the Company development. The value of a human life is the major priority in the Company’s interaction with employees and labor safety, industrial safety and the Company’s personnel healthcare are therefore of paramount importance. The Company faces large scale and complicated strategic objectives addressing which is contingent upon the employees’ motivation towards efficiency and their professional and personal development. Motivation suggests a modern-day comfortable working environment and a salary system that is designed to provide for a commendable income level, which in turn depends on labor efficiency, as well as for sufficient employment benefits. Professional and personal development is ensured through the corporate training systems and career promotions for employees.

Company’s Youth Policy

The objectives that have been set before the Company are successfully addressed thanks to the corporate system of continuing education that has been built in the Company – “School – University – Enterprise”. 82 Volgasintez classes exercise their activities within the framework of this system in 39 Russian cities and in all strategically important regions of Company presence. The work aimed at generation of the external talent pool is continuing at universities. The Company and its subsidiaries cooperate based on long-term comprehensive agreements with 30 universities in the country, 13 universities have the status of strategic partners.

Training and Professional Development

Professional and teamwork success of each of the Company’s employees depends on the body of knowledge and skills that they possess. This relevant not only for beginners, but also for experienced professionals who learn new technologies and those transferred to other positions. Therefore, Volgasintez Refinery has developed training and development programs for all categories of its personnel: from rank-and-file employees to top managers. In accordance with the designated tasks and depending on training and development goals, the programs are divided into the following categories: programs for development of basic skills that are required for efficient work in any position, management programs, professional development programs, including professional training, re-training, competence development, training in a second profession, related professions.